Mohamed Yousuf Mufti - Sri Lanka

Mohamed Yousuf Mufti - Sri LankaMohamed Haniffa Mohamed Yoosuf (‘Mufti Yoosuf’) was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka in the year 1968. His parents Mohamed Haniffa Al Alim Mohamed Ibrahim and Rahma Bebe Abdul Rahman also hail from Kandy. He is the eldest member of a family of 08 (eight) His male siblings too are actively involved in Islamic Dawah activities in Sri Lanka.

Mufti Yoosuf completed his primary education at Al-Mannar Central College, Handessa, Kandy, Sri Lanka. He completed his initial alim course at Rahmaniya Arabic College (1981), Akurana, and Thabligul Islam Arabic College (1983), Sammanthurai,Sri Lanka where he completed his higher studies in Sharia at Rahmaniya Arabic College, Akurana in 1989.

Thereafter, he entered the Islamic University of Karachi, Pakistan where he completed his higher studies with a specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Financing (1990-1993).

Upon his return to Sri Lanka in 1993, Mufti Yoosuf played an active role in local community work and currently serves in the following capacities.

Zeylan Education Consultant
Managing Director
Zeylan is an institute which provides educational & consultancy services related to Islamic Banking and Finance.
Al-Haqqaniyya Arabic College
Vice President & Visiting Lecturer
Al-Haqqaniyya Arabic College,Kandy, Sri Lanka.
This is an institute for Arabic and Professional education.
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulema (ACJU)
Member of the Executive Committee
Member of Fatwa (Jurisprudence) Committee
Secretary of the Islamic Banking, Financing and Insurance Advisory Committee ACJU is a non-governmental national religious organization incorporated by Parliament of Sri Lanka in 2000.
People’s Leasing Company (PLC)
Bank Of Ceylon (BOC)
Hattion National Bank PLC (HNB)
Member of the Shariah Supervisory Board (SSB) PLC and BOC are state owned institutions which provide financial services. HNB is one of the largest private commercial banks in Sri Lanka.

Knowledge Box media networks
Knowledge Box is an organization that produces television and radio content determined towards initiating social change.Mufit Yoosuf gives regular sermons and lectures to the local as well as overseas Muslim communities. He is frequently invited as a guest speaker to address expatriates domiciled in countries like UK, USA, Canada and Japan on topics / subjects on Finance, Social and Spiritual, He appears on the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (state owned radio broadcaster) as a regular speaker on a number of social topics like marriages, inheritance, etc from an Islamic perspective.