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The Bravery of Palestine

In the land where olives grace the earth,
Palestinian spirits find their birth.
Beneath the sky, where struggles unfold,
A tale of bravery, forever told.

Through ancient streets, resilience flows,
In every heartbeat, courage grows.
Amidst the echoes of a tumultuous past,
Palestinian strength forever will last.

Bearing witness to a storied fight,
Underneath the day's relentless light,
They stand undaunted, proud and tall,
A resilient people, who will never fall.

In Gaza's embrace and West Bank's might,
They rise against the darkest night.
With kuffiyeh winds that proudly sway,
They face adversity, come what may.

Through every hardship, they endure,
Their bravery and resolve secure.
In the face of storms, they stand as one,
A flame of courage, never undone.

In refugee camps and ancient towns,
Where freedom's yearning forever drowns,
Their voices echo through history's page,
A testament to a resilient age.

In the soil where struggles deeply root,
A people's bravery takes its route.
Against injustice, their hearts remain,
A flame of courage, an unyielding flame.

Through every tear that falls like rain,
Their spirit rises, unbroken chain.
For in their bravery, we find the light,
Guiding them through the darkest night.

So let the world bear witness true,
To the bravery of the Palestinian crew.
In the face of challenge, they stand bold,
A story of courage forever told.

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More than 100 children have been killed every day since Israel started bombing the besieged Palestinian enclave on October 7.